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Bill Carr founded Carpe Diem in Warrington more than 20 years ago. There aren’t many digital agencies that have lasted that long and even fewer who have actively worked to draw attention to the wider benefits of our sector.

As advocates for the economic growth that digital affords and the need to nurture talent for improved productivity; Carpe Diem has devised or supported all manner of ways to expose the needs of our industry and to inspire the next generation.

Fervently of a mind that “You can’t be, what you can’t see”; Carpe Diem has brought together the public, private and third sectors so that awareness of digital, demand and supply, is understood and visible locally.

And we’ve put our money where our mouth is – opening OPUS, our collaboration space for technologists and digital creatives in Warrington and hosting regular Open House events.

Having delivered websites and solutions for everyone from Asics to Zinge Industries, we continue to seek out the new; innovations which benefit our customers and, crucially, behaviours that will improve our own delivery. To that end, we’ve adopted Sprint Workshops to preface our machine builds (Digital Products) and Channel & Creative work.

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