How we work

Every process we follow is productised because we and our customers need to know how we’re going to find a solution, how long it’s going to take and, most significantly, how much it’s going to cost.

Against each of our ‘products’ you’ll find an overview and Steps To Success but each begins with a discovery session. This isn’t a superficial questioning of your ‘wish list’ but an interrogation of why you want a website or bespoke development work.

Typically this highlights that multiple needs have to be addressed – branding, platform integrations, channel management, SEO and hosting, for example.

Being clear about how each of these will be delivered and where they overlap or feed one into the other helps clarify and contextualise why a valuable digital destination isn’t something that happens overnight.

So, whether you have a fixed budget and want to flex the scope of work against priorities or a fixed specification and a flexible budget; we’ll candidly and clearly share what’s achievable, by when and with a value proposition, based on your business case, and user experience as our anchors.

For Carpe Diem, websites are the machines of enterprise and the best outcomes are always achieved through honest and open partnerships; “To what end?” from the beginning.