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Written by Carpe Diem in Event,

Constructing a Life on Mars

Date: 12.03.20 / Time: 10am 

How could human life survive on Mars? Where would we live, how would we get around and what about food and oxygen?

These questions will be posed to 80 schoolchildren and 20 employer/student ambassadors on March 12th during a workshop delivered by 4wardFutures and hosted by Carpe Diem.

The young people participating will be challenged to create a lander and buildings to make life on Mars feasible.

Utilising models of the planet’s surface and AR/VR technology, they’ll generate habitats built with MARSHA; NASA’s award-wining 3D printing technologies developed by AI Space Factory.

This inspirational workshop will expose young minds to the potential of technology, including robotics; inspiring real word applications for engineering, advanced manufacturing and product design not just to life on Mars but life here on Earth as well.