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Developing a career as a business leader – Interview with Recruit Human

We recently took part in an interview with Recruit Human, based around developing a career to become a business leader. Below is just an excerpt, the full interview is available on Humans website here. 

“Having a personal relationship with somebody within your network—or somebody within your network’s network—who has been through the challenges you face and will gladly give you advice and pointers is invaluable. Reach out and get involved!”- Bill Carr, CEO of Carpe Diem, speaks to us about developing a career as a business leader.

As part of our commitment to supporting candidates to develop fulfilling careers, we’ve invited some industry leaders to share the secrets of their success.

This week, we had a great conversation with Bill Carr at Cape Diem, who began his career in Marketing with the ASICS Corporation before moving to Brand New Media to work as an Account Manager. In 1999, Bill founded the Carpe Diem web design and digital marketing agency, where he continues to serve as CEO.

Alongside this role, Bill has co-founded the online portal ‘My Kids Day Out’, and has served as both a Committee Member and Chair of the Cheshire division of the Institute of Directors.

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