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How can I find out who is visiting my website?

Clients that are concerned about optimising their B2B Online Lead Generation from their website visitors, often ask the question

How can I find out who is visiting my website?

and the answer is quite a difficult one to explain – especially with the anonymity of website visitors being a big point of concern due to the Edward Snowden revelations.

However, there are ways that this can be done. There are several companies offering B2B lead generation and website visitor identification services; LeadfeederLead Forensics and Who Is are three that come up often.

After trialling a few services, we have opted to partner with Leadfeeder. We felt Leadfeeder would provide the best service for our clients – it has a well-designed interface, is easy to set up and has a pricing structure that would fit any client budget. Being simple and easy to use is one of the many benefits of the lead identification software.

Lead Forensics also looked like a great product, but was at a higher price point and included many more additional features that we felt we would not be utilised for the additional cost.

How do you find out who has visited your website?

Most sites now use Google Analytics to measure site performance. This is a great tool for understanding general site activity, but does not offer any ability to find out who is visiting your website and provide any information about who the company is that is interested in your service or product.

In simple terms, Leadfeeder works by pulling information from your Google Analytics account (via the Google Analytics API) and combining visitor information with IP data to show you the companies that have visited your site. The use of IP data is key as it is this link that helps answer your question ‘Who is visiting my website?’

Clients Leadfeeder

IP data allows your Google Analytics information to be extended to show who the actual companies are that have visited. Leadfeeder filters out internet service providers (ISPs) and home users automatically, showing you only relevant business leads, ones you can follow up on.

IP Data Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder will also show you what they did on your site and will report on this information through their well-designed and functional online dashboard in a simple and clear interface or via the summary emails we receive on a regular basis. The emails are great if you are busy and don’t have a great deal of time to sit and monitor your site’s performance constantly. If you don’t think the service is working you can always see the work it is doing to try and find out who is visiting your website.

A nice little feature is the B2B team collaboration features which allow multiple users to administer the same Lead Feeder Business Generation account and potential leads can be assigned to people for following up.

Joshua systems Leadfeeder

Do you want a free B2B online sale generation trial with Leadfeeder?

If you are interested in finding out about how we can help optimise your website to drive more online sales then please give us a call +44(0)1925 299842 or contact us.
Leadfeeder also offer a FREE 30-day trial, so we can either sign you up (if you contact us first) or to find out more, visit

How much does it cost?

We can provide Leadfeeder on a free 30-day trial, with paid plans starting from only $59/month and increasing based upon the number of leads your site generates.

Who are Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder is an online sales lead generation tool for B2B companies, based in Finland.
Their support and customer service has been great from the moment we worked with them. They have helped us find out who is visiting our website.