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UX trends to watch in 2020

So what are the biggest UX design trends predicted for 2020?

Every passing year, UX design trends and techniques change. The designing principles, as well as processes, stay the same, but the trend of UXD evolves. With the changes in human behaviour, usage in tech devices and demands for interactive and engaging user experiences have increased.

As 2019 comes to an end we wanted to put together a list of the new UX trends that we can expect to see in 2020.

Device synchronization

Device synchronization is the latest trend. While many businesses have woken up to the importance of mobile-friendly content, one area where many of them are deficient evolves around device synchronization. Nowadays, the user uses a multitude of digital devices throughout their daily life; computers, smartphones, smartwatches, smart televisions, smart houses, smart everything! Therefore they expect a coherent experience across all chosen platforms at the same time. The main goal is to allow the user to perform a single continuous task on different devices with little to no interruptions.

For example, if you’re watching a film on Netflix on your way home from work. Device synchronization allows you to easily continue on from where you left off when you switch to your smart television when you get home.

Voice User Interface and AI technology

In their fast-paced lives, users are now adopting AI and voice technology to unlock their smartphones and search the internet. UX is gradually shifting from Graphical User Interface (GUI) to Voice User Interface( VUI). As people seek an effortless way to trigger products and services. This consumer demand will open new opportunities for the advancement of the integration of voice with AI. Recently, AI has been widely used on mobile; credit for this largely goes to Apple’s Siri. However while Siri has led the mainstreaming of voice control, the swift, some might say alarming, adoption of home voice devices Google & Alexa is turning the very air around us into a user interface. Following the trend, it seems inevitable that voice and vision functionality will have further advancement in 2020.

Broken grid & asymmetric layouts

Many websites today are grid-based, obsessively orderly bland elements where playing it safe is the order of the day. Not that well-arranged homepages are a sin, but in 2020, we will see asymmetrical structures becoming extremely popular in a bolder bid towards flourishing brand individuality, unbalanced fun and exuberance. New layouts will be introduced that include a variety of overlapping design elements. These new layouts will consist of elements placed in a more unusual and interesting way, yet not randomly. We will encounter lots of overlaps and generous amount of whitespace. All of these elements have the purpose to guide the users eyes in the direction you want to emphasise the most.

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