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Written by Carpe Diem in News,

What are people doing on my website?

We can get analytics and data telling us where users enter and leave a website and also what pages they go on during, but we never really know how they are navigating through and what they are actually doing.

Well, that’s what we thought until we discovered Mouseflow. Mouseflow records what the user is doing on your website. Showing the mouse movements, clicks and scrolls, you get real life examples of what people are doing.

We used Mouseflow with one of our clients KAT UK a leading window and door manufacturer. We wanted to find out why site traffic was high but why the conversion rate was low. After reviewing the Mouseflow heat maps and live tracking videos we could see what was going wrong. We needed more call to action buttons on product pages. We could see users trying the click on products to take them to the enquiry page. We simply added some bold call to action buttons and conversion rate shot up from 30 enquiries per month to well over 100.

There are other pieces of software out there like Userfly and ClickTale but they don’t offer the same interface as Mouseflow does. It’s very simple to use and access all the data you need.

What we liked

The live recording is very useful, you can see what people are clicking on at that moment in time and pick out any faults you may have. The live recording also shows you where they come from, on which device and which browser they were using. This is useful to find out if people are having compatibility issues.

Conversion rate Mouseflow

Mouseflow has a funnel feature pictured above which is very useful. You can pick 2 or more pages on your website to see how many users go from that page to another. For example, below, I have chosen my home page going to the contact us page. You can see that only 15.9% of my users go through to the contact page from the home page. You can then also see the video clips of the people that did and didn’t convert.

You can even integrate Mouseflow with third-party software you already use or have been meaning to add to your business system. The session replay tool integrates with chat software like Zopim and Olark, as well as the survey software Qualaroo, to name just a few.

The user interface is very easy to use, you can see all of your analytics from the dashboard. It only takes a minute to set up and you start seeing live users straight away. From the homepage, you can easily navigate to Recordings, heat maps, funnels, and forms. It is set out in a very clean visual way to make the experience more pleasant.

Graph image mouseflow

You can actually try Mouseflow for free, on the free plan you get 100 recordings per month. This is great if you are just a small business trying to figure out where you are going wrong. Or if you are testing out your website and have given it to some test subjects, you can see how they use it. A step up from there gets you 2500 recordings per month at $24 per month. which isn’t a bad price if it helps you convert an extra couple of users a month.

If you want to find out more about Mouseflow or if you want help on how you can make your website better at converting you can contact us at or call 01925 299 842