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Written by Paul Tock-Dooley in News,

WordPress makes perfect sense for enterprise companies

WordPress is both reliable and scalable, making it ideal for those businesses that demand the flexibility to grow online.

An open-source framework has been fundamental to the success of WordPress and the nature of this environment is also perfectly suited to larger organisations from the get-go. Global brands such as Sony Music, Toyota, UPS and Microsoft are all using WordPress to deliver searchable, secure content. 

The notable list of companies using WordPress today is a testament to its adaptability. These companies and corporations see open-source as an ongoing benefit to built-in core security and performance.

For example; since it was publishing that was at the forefront for WordPress from the very beginning and it is SEO that’s become so fundamental today, The New York Times, nods to this lineage with its choice to use WordPress for its corporate website.

Carpe Diem is a WPengine Agency Partner and we’re always delighted to share our insights with those who are leveraging websites built on the web’s most popular CMS system. We also harness this open-source framework with our QED Builder, which allows us to deliver real benefits – at speed – for both our SME and enterprise customers alike.

To find out more about how WordPress can facilitate the needs of your enterprise business, please follow this link:

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