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Why your website is still one of your most important marketing tools.

Every day new methods of marketing come into fruition and can be very useful for different types of brands. However, it doesn’t matter how effective your marketing is if your website isn’t up to scratch. Your website is still a method of marketing and the experience a user has should be carefully considered.

Being better than competitors

Making your website as good as or better than competitors is a great marketing method. When looking for a product or service people usually don’t go for the first thing they see, they look around. So making sure your website looks the best and has the best experience for the user will keep them from going to competitors.

Many companies neglect their website and instead invest lots of money into other sources of marketing. The website is a shop window for your products/services and the best place to get information about you online. So why is it left alone after the initial build? It often comes down to time money and remembering to post. Although it can take time to update a website is can be bad for you if you have out of date content and navigation. It affects the SEO as well as the way a user interacts with the site.

Using SEO with your website

When finding information about a product or a business, the first place that people will go to is a search engine and type in a search term. Focusing on your SEO as well as you website will make you more visible in search engines. Once a user clicks on to your website it’s then all about keeping them on and directing them towards the call to actions.

Call to actions

The home page is the most important page on a website as it’s the page that most of your users will arrive on. It needs to look good and also have good UX (User eXperience). Having simple navigation and clear call to actions will help with this. You can find out how to use different colours in your web design process by checking out our white paper – How emotions are portrayed by colour in web design.

Directing to your website

Your website acts as a portal to where all of your online marketing should direct to. If your website doesn’t look professional and appealing all of your marketing efforts will be pointless. The whole point of a company website is to get to a certain goal. Whether that goal is to purchase a product or fill out an enquiry form. It’s all about getting the user from point A to point B but how can you do that?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Conversion Rate Optimisation

In its simplest terms, conversion rate optimisation is making changes to your website so it converts users into customers. Whether it’s changing the whole site structure or just making simple changes with colour and text the changes can improve your conversion rate by a huge amount.

An example of this is from one of our clients Kat UK who specialise in aluminium windows and doors. They received a great amount of traffic but struggled to turn those users into customers. We used some tracking tools to find out where users were leaving. Following from this we added some more call to action buttons next to products and information. Overall we managed to improve the conversion rate from 30 enquiries per month to well over 100.

Users are inclined to read more

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When a user finds their way to your website, they are there for a reason. They have chosen to visit the website so they will be more likely to read the information about you. Rather than being forced to read your opinions in other means of marketing.

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