Whilst branding is much more than just a logo identity, visualising what you stand for in order to stand out is a crucial factor when differentiating your offer.

Whether standalone or as part of a wider project, Carpe Diem have created logos, graphic devices and whole brand architectures.

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Steps to Success

  • Discovery – Extracting Insights
  • Ideation – Initial Sketches
  • Routes – Choosing The Direction
  • Applications – Executions & Colourways
  • Brand Guidelines – Approved Delivery
Culture Warrington

Culture Warrington Use Case

Culture Warrington is an inclusive charity with a mission to provide art and culture for everyone. Carpe Diem had to reflect a draft Manifesto and ensure the ‘family’ of identities stood as strongly together as they did apart.

Modern Day Monks Bottles

Modern Day Monks Use Case

Creating beers inspired by their travel; the brand and assets we created compliments not just product flavours and characters but Jon and Jim’s own roots crafting world beers right here in Warrington.

Walking with them, through the realisation of how their personal histories grounded their ‘family’ of brands, gave them both an appreciation of their brand’s value and us the ability to evolve with them – from start-up to established business.


National finalists and winners of both the Warrington and the North West Young Traders of the Year Awards; from the launch of their microsite and alongside competition attendance, the Monks have doubled their revenue, social media impressions have increased tenfold and their email subscribers have trebled.

Check out the microsite