If you don’t know where to start we do. We always begin with discovering “to what end?”

Whilst all customers benefit from our consultative approach, you may need a pure play consultation partner. That may be because you’re a start-up, you’re looking to rebrand or it might be that you’re looking at digital transformation.

Whichever it is, Carpe Diem offers a sounding board of knowledge and experience across marketing, sales, recruitment and operations.

Steps to Success

  • Discovery – 20 Questions And More
  • Competitor Landscaping – Comparison Analysis
  • Customer Profiling – Defining Your Sweet Spot
  • Customer Journey – Mapping Touchpoints To Conversion
  • Brand Positioning – Standing Out For What You Stand For
  • Lo-Fi Prototyping – An Optional Paper Based Hack
  • Scope Of Works – Briefs Against Needs
  • The Report – Collation Into A Strategic Plan

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Culture Warrington branding

Culture Warrington Use Case

Warrington is a net importer of commuters and a net exporter of audiences. The population swells during the day, on the outskirts, and contracts of an evening and at weekends.

And, whilst most of Cheshire is “Wealthy, qualified established families”, the town includes residents who are “Just about managing” and the whole region has an aging population with growth projected to be almost half the national average.

Leveraging data from Audience Finder, we were able to map and analyse not only the competitive landscape but also to profile customers against known purchasing behaviours.

And our positioning recommendation has informed not just a revised brand architecture but customer experience modelling through user journeys and a complete website redesign, integrating with the Spektrix ticketing system.


Since launching the new brand architecture and going live with five new sites:

The Culture Warrington website has had 3,456 more sessions in its first three months compared with the previous three.

The now seperated Parr Hall and Pyramid websites have had 23,673 more users over the same periods and the bounce rate has reduced by 10.16% for the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery site (a reflection of content and navigation relevance in the UI and UX).

Castleton branding

Castleton Use Case

Following mergers and acquisitions, Castleton’s portfolio had grown significantly. Clarity on how a holistic offer didn’t preclude individual product purchases required a mechanic to demonstrate the parts as well as the whole.

As a result of profiling and, crucially, customer journey mapping; we were able to provide the marketing department with context to garner board approval for a new ‘family’ architecture.


Grouping products based on customer needs not internal divisions has made navigation user centric and Carpe Diem’s delivery of an overview animation, brand assets and even a strapline were all facilitated by our objective substantiation and a shared commitment to the consultative process.