Modern Day Monks

We’ve made milkmen of brewers with a Shopify solution for Warrington’s own Modern Day Monks.

Who are they?

Modern Day Monks make beer. They've travelled the world – working and learning – and the flavours of all the places they've been have inspired what they brew. Every bottle, every draught, contains all those experiences, all that history, plus the finest British malts, yeast and hops from around the globe. Based here in Warrington, they originally came to us for branding (positioning, logo, website and packaging) to launch and compete in the crowded micro-brewery space.

Modern Day Monks started out at local Maker Markets, showcasing their craft all around the UK. They even reached the finals of the National Market Traders Federation ‘Young Traders of the Year’ competition. But, when the UK went into lockdown, they needed a solution to continue supplying their customers and to stay in business.

Innovation and adaptation are the watchwords at Carpe Diem, so supporting our clients as the world continues to change around us is second nature. That was exemplified when Modern Day Monks came to us with a great idea – “Why don’t we deliver beer to peoples’ doorsteps?”

So what did we do?

Giving potential customers the means to order and evolving the delivery concept, Carpe Diem built a Shopify eCommerce solution that lets ‘locals’ book regular deliveries too. We built the site at speed, from initial sketches to launch in just five days, working directly with MDM co-founder Jon on product page design, content and how the subscription model should work.

Orders came flooding in the moment we launched the site, with geolocation Facebook ads driving conversions in the Warrington delivery catchment. In fact, in the first six days of running the ads we reached 15,136 people, garnered 30,964 impressions and had 592 click throughs (at just 10p per click).

We obviously made the website as easy to use as possible, to optimise conversions, so every page allows you to quickly navigate back to the products and make an order. Again, this has been a huge success with much higher than industry average conversion rates and add to cart rates: 

The subscription or regular deliveries model requires a refillable container called a growler and is only a small part of the MDM inventory. But 22.5% of all orders have been subscriptions which means recurring orders and regular income for the two brothers behind the brewery.

We’ll be looking to open up deliveries in more areas as quickly as demand can be met, so if you’d like to support and order fresh beer to your door then just click the link below…

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