Digital Transformation

A Carpe Diem Sprint is a discovery workshop to uncover the improvements digital transformation could deliver for your business – whether your focus is growth, brand or product design.

The real ‘value’ of our Sprints lies in their outcomes. Eliciting insights, agreeing the focus for your next 9 to 12 months and aligning all participants.

Together we’ll determine what can be addressed iteratively and which opportunities are projects in their own right.

This allows for the commercial imperative to be underpinned by a ‘vital few’ objectives and then, in turn, for realistic actions to be agreed in order to achieve them effectively.

Our Sprints work best with collective buy-in, so attendees should be drawn from your senior management team.

That’s not to say we can’t test any hypothesis directly with your customers, it just depends on whether you need a half-day, full-day or five day Sprint.

Loft Workshop

The workshops involve consideration of what’s holding you back and what’s pushing you on.

Choosing a lens to focus on (Acquisition, Activation or Retention), then discussing how you might invert negatives or milk positives for better results.

This is done by looking outside your sector for best practice inspiration and devising, together, experiments (4 to 6 weeks long) that you can test and learn from.

These experiments are essentially “a schedule of works” that falls out of the Sprint – what’s to be Done (immediately), alongside what’s Dropped or Delayed.

We can’t prophesise what that “schedule” will look like but we know (from experience) that the value of prioritisation and alignment, shared clarity on the direction of travel, and the motivation of specific experiments always results in improved productivity, a positive cultural shift and reduced costs or increased profitability.

That’s thanks to our intention being – on all occasions – the avoidance of doubt and wastage (be that time, resources or budget).

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