Website Development

We build, renovate, expand and maintain all manner of digital ‘machines’.

From WordPress and Shopify to bespoke dev, we create websites that are right for you and your customers, because we’re platform agnostic.

From customer profiling to journey mapping and competitor landscaping, Carpe Diem will make recommendations that are always user-centric whilst taking into account your legacy systems and a desire to future proof your new digital environment.

But we’re not only site builders. We can dev back-end ordering systems, integrate booking systems, code solutions such as APIs and have our own licensable Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

We also develop standalone products, procure hosting and third-party vendor agreements and provide SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to protect the ecosystems we’re commissioned to build.

As a crucial extension of our Sprint offering, we’ve also developed a prototyping / fast build ‘machine’ for WordPress sites that we call QED.

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