Whilst branding is much more than just a logo identity, visualising what you stand for in order to stand out is a crucial factor when differentiating your offer.

Whether standalone or as part of a wider project, Carpe Diem have created logos, graphic devices and whole brand architectures.

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Steps to Success

  • Discovery – Extracting Insights
  • Ideation – Initial Sketches
  • Routes – Choosing The Direction
  • Applications – Executions & Colourways
  • Brand Guidelines – Approved Delivery
Vita branding

VITA Use Case

The parent brand for an events company, the requirement for a representation of ‘lifeforce’ also needed to reflect their personality; hence Hello.

Culture Warrington

Culture Warrington Use Case

With a mission, as an inclusive charity, to provide art and culture for everyone; Carpe Diem had to reflect a draft Manifesto and ensure the ‘family’ of identities stood as strongly together as they did apart.