Who we are

There are no gatekeepers here, not least because our projects don’t tend to be the sole remit of one department for our customers.

Our roles are clearly defined. We actively engage everyone – from the shopfloor to the board, from agency partners to third-party vendors – in order to ease compliance, stakeholder approval or prevent any siloed behaviours being sustained by what is ultimately a multi-disciplined relationship


Leadership Team

Bill Carr


CEO and Chief Technology Consultant, Bill brings a calm and assured knowledge to bear; fed by a customer centric ethos and a constant desire to be ahead of the curve. Having founded Carpe Diem in 1999, he brings all that accumulated knowledge alongside experience mentoring and investing in digital start-ups and high-growth tech companies.


Saul Peake


As Managing Creative Director, Saul oversees not just our business but the anchoring of customer’s brands. As a creative strategist renowned for saying it as it is, Saul’s ability to win hearts and minds from the coalface to the C suite means projects are not just managed but cultures transformed.


Jack Renshaw


Jack oversees and advises customers on channel management, from SEO to social media to e-commerce web design. And we’re proud to say Jack is our first qualified by Carpe Diem digital marketing apprentice.

Paul Tock-Dooley


Paul draws on in-house as well as creative agency experience for his knowledge and expertise in front-end dev, WordPress and core design principles. His fundamental understanding of the process from ideation to delivery and his attention to detail (plus a fundamental belief that UX is for users not for screens) makes him methodical and pragmatic.

Andy Roberts


Andy has honed his craft in both client-side and server-side technologies. From Laravel to ReactJS, cloud computing to spec writing, you’ll get the latest ideas across bespoke coding, CMS, eCom, mobile development and APIs.